*dates subject to change 

Market Obscura VI: Jupiter Next, March 21st: 

Applications Accepted: JANUARY 15-31ST

Applicants Notified: February 10th

Market Obscura VII: Lovecraft Bar, May 24th: 

Applications Accepted: MARCH 9-17TH 

Applicants Notified: March 31st

Market Obscura VII: Summer Event, Vitalidad, July 25th: 

Applications Accepted: APRIL 19-30th

Applicants Notified: May 16th

Please add to your address book so you don’t miss an email from us.

How to be a vendor: 

Market Obscura pop-ups happen 4-5 times a year at different venues. Applications open for each market and are only open during the dates listed above. We notify every applicant if they are accepted, waitlisted, or not chosen for that market. 

Through our application site, you can create a profile at any time and submit, view, and make updates to your application (until they close). Once applications close, you can still access your account and update your profile information and images.  Recommended browser: Chrome on PC/Android.


Vendors are selected through a juried process with a diverse panel of fellow artists. Please never be discouraged by not being selected as a vendor. We encourage you to apply for multiple events - especially if you have been previously selected for the waitlist. Though we may not have space for you in one market, we would still love to have you at another one. There is a ton of talent in the region and we try to rotate vendors, adding new vendors each event. We also encourage artists new to vending at markets/events to apply and welcome applicants of all ages and all identities. For 21+ shows, you must be 21+ to apply.

About Yourself:

Your vendor profile has a section to write a maximum of three sentences describing you and/or your work that you would like shared on social media. We use this to promote your business on our social media accounts for our market paired with one or more promotional photos you provide. 

We also request a list of your recent vending experience over the last 12 months. If you have never sold your wares at a market, no worries! Just tell us that. 


Space sizes and prices are based on the venue and will be listed below before applications are open.

You will be able to select your first and second choice booth sizes. If you can only work within one booth size, only choose that one size. [Booth spaces are listed as Width'x Depth']. Number of available spaces per size subject to change. 

  • MARCH 21st @ JUPITER NEXT : Appx. 35 available spaces. All Ages

    • All spaces are 5' deep

      • 4' booth space: $40 - 6 available

      • 6' booth space: $60 - 15 available

      • 8' booth space: $80 - 6 available

      • 10' booth space: $100 - 2 available

    • Discounted spaces (room is offset from the two main areas)

      • 4' discounted space: $20 - 1 available

      • 6' discounted space: $35 - 4 available

  • MAY 24th @ LOVECRAFT BAR : 13 Available spaces. 21+ only

    • No electrical outlets available. Battery/rechargable powered lights required.

    • 6x4' Floor space $35

      • Bring your own table and seating,

    • Bar Booth space $25

      • Small table (appx 2x3') with attached benches on both sides.​




Please be prepared to have at least one photo of your booth set-up from a previous event. Up to 2 booth images can be added.

If you have not participated as a vendor at any market before and/or do not have a picture of a booth set up, you can use a photo of an example of your set up or an arrangement of your products. We use booth pictures to help us pick the best space for you if selected to be a vendor in a market. 


You will also need at least one photo for us to use to promote you on social media. Up to 5 promotional images can be added to your profile. Due to the sizing requirements of social media platforms, promo photos need to be in a square format.


We are looking for vendors in the following categories. Vendors with a darker aesthetic, more curiosities/oddities focused, and/or just more spooky, weird, witchy; score higher than others. Having exceptional quality of products and beautiful branding scores extra points. 

  • Antiques

  • Apparel/Accessories

  • Bath/Body

  • Blacksmith

  • Bones:Jewelry/Decor

  • Candles

  • Ceramics

  • Herbs/Apothecary

  • Home goods

  • Illustration/Painting

  • Jewelry

  • Other

  • Plants

  • Sculpture/Mixed Media

  • Tarot Cards/Art

  • Tarot Reader/Medium

  • Taxidermy (including bones and wet specimens) *must be ethically sourced*

  • Witchy Goods

  • Wood work

By submitting an application for a market, you are agreeing to the following:

  • You agree to the space size(s) you selected on your application and the fee associated with that space, if accepted. 

  • You agree to arrive and set up on time and stay until the market closes. If you can no longer be a vendor, you will notify us immediately to fill your vacancy with one of the wonderful waitlisted vendors. 

  • Sharing space is permitted if both vendors are accepted.